Alcazar: The Official Poster

An Alcazar fan had the idea to print a giant Alcazar, solve it, and hang it on his office door.


It's such a great idea that I made 2 official printer-friendly posters. If you like Alcazar, here are the instructions: Download it - Print it - Solve it - Show it!


Alcazar Poster Small (A4/Letter)
Adobe Acrobat Document 519.6 KB
Alcazar Poster Large (A3/11x17)
Adobe Acrobat Document 571.6 KB

Have fun!

Alcazar Poster
Download it - Print it - Solve it - Show it

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    Leo Ooms (Saturday, 14 March 2015 18:30)

    Solution for the puzzle.
    A-B-C-... left to right, 1-2-3-... top to bottom
    A1 is top left, J1 is top right,
    A10 is bottom left, J10 is bottom right.

    Start at top left, A1, A5, D5, D2, C2, C4, B4, B1, E1, E5, F5, F1, J1, J2,
    G2, G3, J3, J4, G4, G5, H5, H6, G6, G7, I7, I5, J5, J8, G8, G9, J9, J10, F10,
    F6, E6, E10, D10, D6, A6, A7, C7, C10, B10, B8, A8, A10, exit at bottom left

  • #2

    Leo Ooms (Saturday, 14 March 2015 18:34)

    Oops! Comment placed on wrong entry and forgot to encode... :blush:

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