Manifold: How to solve an intermediate puzzle

Manifold has 100 puzzles, all very different from each other. The first ones are easy enough to be solved by anyone, and then, the level increases smoothly as you discover new techniques and improve your skills.


We don't recommend that you try an intermediate level, like #43, before you've solved most of the previous ones. But many of you want to know what the game looks like when you approach the end of the first half, so here is my solution to #43.


For an easier puzzle, see my solution to #10.

For an advanced puzzle, see my solution to #84.

I start by removing folding the bottom two rows to hide the long gray strip. Doing this hides a few white triangles, but let's worry about them later.

To bring back two of the white triangles and, at the same time, complete the black side of the solution, I carefully flip the bottom-left square to the right.

Time for some clean up. Many gray areas can go on the other side: the whole bottom row, the two top corners, and the small triangle on the right.

At this point, almost all the gray spaces are hidden on the other side, so our task is to form the white side of the solution. Let's mark the lines between white and black, and flip the whole paper over.

First, I fold the top row, and then, the left and right sides. The problem is solved!

One side black, one side white.


But the real fun is to try it by yourself, feel the paper and "think with your hands". Manifold is truly unique!


The game is not expansive and makes a perfect gift!



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    lennie (Friday, 10 March 2017 12:50)

    I need help with #72. Please help me

  • #3

    Josie (Thursday, 25 May 2017 03:09)

    I'm stuck on 72 also! Is there any website with list/videos of solution for every puzzle? On the product it tells you to go to the brain wright site but there's not a single solution at that website

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    Do My Coursework Online (Tuesday, 06 June 2017 14:55)

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    pulau seribu (Saturday, 24 June 2017 18:35)

    its my fav...puzleee timeee

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