Manifold: Last chance to get a copy

Thanks to Alexander Minets (twitter: @shamivr) for sharing this photo.
Thanks to Alexander Minets (twitter: @shamivr) for sharing this photo.

Only a few hundred people had the chance to try this incredible origami game, and probably less than 100 were able to solve all of its puzzles. Now it's time for bad news and good news...


Bad news: We only have 20 copies of the game left in stock! If you don't have your copy, make sure to order it very soon. We will not produce more of them.


Good news: The reason why we don't produce more is that another company, well established in the world of puzzles, will publish the game very soon. I'm not allowed to say more for now, but I look forward to see thousands of new players fold this amazing puzzle!

Thanks to all of those who took gave it a chance and tried this game in its early stage! Looking forward to receiving the last orders, we wish you all an excellent week.

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