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It's a new logic puzzle on its way to become a great classic. Unique, deep and captivating, the rules of Alcazar are radically simple: Enter the room, visit every square, and exit.

"These puzzles are pretty neat [...] The way dependencies propagate is surprising and interesting-feeling."

 - Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid and The Witness


"I think it's one of the - if not the - best game I've seen on a smartphone. And I have seen quite a few."
 - Maik Riechel, beta tester

A Sudoku without numbers

With Alcazar, my goal was to create a Sudoku without numbers: a paper-puzzle based on logic and deduction, but faster and more intuitive than number-based puzzles.


Based on the success of the paper version, I created its web version, an Android app, and an iOS app. I invite you to try it right here, in your browser.

Alcazar for Android and iOS

• Comes with more than 40 free puzzles.
• Hundreds of additional levels are available through in-app purchases.
• Each puzzle has a unique solution. No guessing needed.
• No ads, just great puzzles.

An exceptional game of deduction

In Alcazar, no guessing is needed. Using pure logic and deduction, build your solution step by step, as one clue leads to another. As you make your way through the easier puzzles, you will sharpen your logic skills and discover new techniques to solve the difficult ones.

A growing puzzle collection

270 puzzles are already waiting for you, and many more will be added regularly.



The Incredible Company

Founded January 1st, 2014

Based in Berlin, Germany


Press/business contact

Jérôme Morin-Drouin

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Press kit

Would you like to review the game or talk about it? This zip file contains many relevant screenshots and images. Don't hesitate to contact me (, I'll do my best to answer your questions and help you.

Press kit: screenshots and other images
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